Vitamin ve mineral kaynağı hindi eti


Making a change to your diet by putting turkey on your weekly menu can help towards maintaining a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

Turkey breast is a naturally low fat meat and it's also low in saturated fat (the type of fat linked to heart disease risk). Turkey is also a great source of key nutrients for health, such as vitamin B6, Niacin, selenium, phosphorus and is an excellent addition to a varied and balanced diet.

More about the vitamins and minerals

Niacin:Niacin is a B-vitamin and is important for a healthy nervous system and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Just one 100g cooked portion of turkey breast meat will meet half the daily niacin requirement of an average man or woman, or over one quarter from a portion of cooked turkey thigh meat.

Elenium: Selenium helps to maintain healthy hair, nails and a normal immune function – the body’s natural defence system against disease.

A 100g portion of turkey meat supplies 1/5 of our recommended selenium intake.

Phosphorus: Phosphorus is a mineral that works with calcium to help maintain healthy bones and teeth. Your body needs the right amount of both to be at its best.

A 100g portion of turkey delivers over 1/3 of our recommended intake of phosphorus.

Vitamin B6: Helps to create normal red blood cells and helps the body make the hormones which influence mood and regulate the body clock.

A 100g portion of cooked turkey breast meat can provide an average man or women with over a quarter of the recommended daily intake required of vitamin B6