Dear Consumers;

ByKeskin is a recently established company, but one which has the consumer interest at the centre of all it does.

The company was established in 2016 with one central objective in mind – to provide you, the consumer, with a range of poultry products which offered top quality and better value than were currently on the market.

Our guiding principle is to provide top quality, healthy and nutritious products which not merely satisfy, but delight. We aim to achieve this, and achieve exceptional value or money, by disrupting the traditional ways of doing things in the production and marketing of food products

With my 30 years experience as the former CEO and marketing director of Keskinoglu, together with a staff of industry experienced and motivated staff, we are seeking to innovate in all areas of production and marketing and pass these efficiencies on to you the customer.

We intend to make innovation the norm. To give you just two examples of using technology we have introduced so far, “cool chain” in chicken processing from farm to süpermarket shelf, and “no human contact” in egg collection, grading, packing and transport. And there are more in the pipeline! We are exceeding international hygiene standards, have ability to export to the EU. We are obsessive about quality control, and constantly examine all processes to make sure they meet our rigorous standards.

We have a clear view of what we are seeking to achieve. A top quality range of natural and healthy products presented to our customers at the peak of freshness.

Do not compromise on your right to enjoy the best. Enjoy ByKeskin products. They are not a treat, they are simply what you deserve.


Keskin Keskinoğlu