About us

Welcome to the Dunyafood website, we hope you find something here to interest you.
Dunyafood is a recently established Turkish food company dedicated to providing top quality and innovative food products to the domestic and global market. It is based on three guiding principles

Our vision

Creativity in the design of food products, packaging and customer communications
Logistics using the latest technology to provide a market responsive service
Brand creation based on customer needs and designed to occupy unique market segments

Our overall mission

İs therefore “ to provide innovative food offerings which are responsive to and exceed consumer needs, delivered efficiently and communicated meaningfully”.
At all times the consumer is at the centre of our focus, and all processes and systems are at the forefront of technology.
We practice total compliance with all local and international regulations, cultural norms, and best practice in relation to product development, business conduct and personnel policies.
We have respect for the environment and all company stakeholders we interact with
We believe and undertake to have total openness and transparency in all our dealings within and outside the company

History & Capabilities

Dunyafood was established in 2016 by Keskin Keskinoglu, former CEO and Marketing Director of the Keskinoglu group, a leading chicken and egg producer located in Akhisar, Turkey

With a belief and brief that food creation, distribution and benefit communication could be made more efficient and targeted, he has gathered around himself an array of talent to develop Dunyafood into a major food provider domestically and globally and has achieved remarkable growth in its first year of operation.
Dunyafood is producer, but sources also supply from a network of accredited suppliers, all agreeing to abide by the highest quality, hygiene and professional management standards